Back to school

Man, was it ever a challenge to drag myself out of bed this morning!  After a good three weeks of holiday, School recommences and so does my having to wake up excruciatingly early. Having been going to sleep late at night recently, I must say my sleep cycle was not happy with being disturbed, so thus I ended up laying in my bed for at least a good long hour before getting some shut-eye. Oh well, I don’t even have two full weeks of school before we’re back to the holidays, Chinese New Year this time! Did I mentioned we’re going to Australia? I’m so excited! We’re going to Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney for the week, I can’t wait! That’s something I do love about being an expat, and living in Singapore. The travel options are endless.

A photo I took in Sydney a few years back, with a smaller digital camera 🙂

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Our Trip To The Zoo!

Yesterday we went to Singapore Zoo! We’ve been there once before after just arriving in Singapore, but you really have to go here more than once to be able to appreciate ALL the shows you can watch, all the animals you can see! We watched the Elephants show and it was amazing, we even saw an Elephant pain, and it was not a bad painting at that, I must say the elephant was more skillful with a brush than I myself am!There was also an array of animals you could feed and take photos with, and among these were the parrot above, the Elephant below, a Milk snake (Which I took a photo with, as I personally am very fond of snakes) and my moms favorite, Orangutangs! We also took the opportunity to go on the elephant ride, which everyone should try if they ever have the chance. Magnificent creatures, Elephants.

I’d advise anyone interested in going to the zoo, in bringing some sun screen! While luckily, the rain season seems to have ceased, the heat was intense and I regretted not bringing a hat or my sunglasses, or even some sunscreen! Despite the heat, it was truly a lovely day!

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Saying Good Bye will never be easy

Apologies for the lack of blog posts lately! Not particularly much has been going on, now that Grandma has left. We were still planning to go to the zoo on Tuesday, but both of my younger sisters had caught fevers and we were thus unable to go, but hopefully we’re still going Friday! I have not done everything I had wanted to this holiday and now it is drawing to a close.

A couple of friends from my time in Shanghai visited Singapore this holiday but we didn’t meet up as I wasn’t aware of this until they had already left to go back to Shanghai. Sometimes it is difficult being an expat, especially when it comes to friends. You do get to meet a variety of different people, yes, but the problem is upon moving, many of those friends will be lost to you, fed to the endless time stream of the past. These partings bring great melancholy and I wish they would occur less frequently than they do, but eventually everything comes to an end, but those ends are also beginnings to an entirely new story.

The photo is one I took in Shanghai, I remember I showed a couple of my friends this and they thought it was gross 🙂

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Farewell, 2011!

Or should I say, Hello 2012!  While I’m a bit sad to see such an exceptional year go, I know that 2012 will hold many surprises for me, and I can’t wait to find out what will happen! This year I decided I would not make a new years resolution, as I have difficulty coming up with them and even more difficulty actually accomplishing them! Last year was an exhilarating year, I finally realized my dream of bungy jumping, got my vespa license done and began saving money. What are you hoping to accomplish in 2012?

Featured in the picture above is a cheese cup filled with salad, which we had for our New Years lunch! Sadly though, Grandma’s flight was booked mere hours before the new year, so we had to say good bye until summer.  Also we weren’t able to see any fireworks, as there were so many tall buildings in the way! When we lived in China we always saw tons of fireworks dancing over the sky during new year, and even weeks after! While the sound was somewhat annoying, the view was definitely worth it!

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Botanical Gardens!

One of the main reasons we’d planned to go to the botanical gardens was because my Grandma loves flowers and plants, and we thought it’d be the perfect place to take her. So we set off late morning, excited to see what the day would hold. Last time we’d been in the gardens was maybe just a month after we’d moved to Singapore, in August sometime. I must say it was excruciatingly hot and humid, which made the experience somewhat less enjoyable than it would have been otherwise, though we were still able to enjoy a delicious picnic basket and each others company. What surprised me so much about our trip this year was that the sun actually decided to show itself, after more than a month of thick, gray rainclouds tainting the skies. As last year I’d focused more on taking flower shots, I wanted to attempt shooting water at a slower shutter speed, and above is one of my attempts.

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Lunch at Sentosa!

While we postponed our Botanical Gardens visit to tomorrow, we all went out to lunch on Sentosa instead. Sentosa, being mostly a tourist area, is an absolutely gorgeous place to be. There’s Universal Studios, Beaches, Aquariums, the whole spectrum! We haven’t spent a lot of time there, away from the occasional meal and Universal studios.

When we moved here we jumped right into decorating the house and getting settled, there was not much time for exploration at that point, but it being the holidays, we’re going to revisit some of these tourist attractions, like the Singapore Zoo! Singapore Zoo is almost too large to be able to see everything you might want to see within one day, so thus we are going a second time. I hope to get a lot of shots of animals! The one above was taken about a year ago at Singapore Zoo near the Elephant rides (Yes, elephant rides!)

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Merry Christmas and Thank you!

Just wanted to say thank you for all the responses to my posts! It really is encouraging to know that there is someone out there who reads what you put effort into writing.

While many others across the world were swept up in the opening of presents and such, we at the Lindell household(having celebrated Christmas yesterday) experienced a rather ordinary day. It was nice to have Grandma join us this year, as for the past five years it’s been just our nuclear family.  As an expat, we don’t have the same amount of contact with our relatives as we would if we lived back in Finland – though we frequently communicate via technical means, it is still not the same as being there to interact with them in person.

Also, We might be going to the botanical gardens tomorrow  (hence the pictures, which were taken at that exact location last year), but only if the weather is nice, which means we’ll go as long as it is not raining! It has been raining everyday for almost a month, it really makes you appreciate the sunshine a lot more.

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