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Expat Pets

Because we travel pretty frequently, and have a pet, things get a little difficult sometimes. When we leave for Finland in the summer for two months, where do we put the dog? Personally I noticed with the kennels here is … Continue reading

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My Vespa

This, dear readers, is probably one of my most prized possessions. In Finland at the age of 15, you’re able to apply for a drivers license for a Moped or a Small two seat car, both which go max 45Km/h … Continue reading

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The delayed Sydney entry!

If only the day would have more hours! I have had exceedingly large amounts of homework lately and have often had to work until the clock has struck midnight and the time has come for me to lay myself to … Continue reading

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Road Trip!

Upon awakening on our fourth day in Australia, we quickly ate breakfast and then piled into the car. We were to cover 5 and a half hours – including meals and inevitable bathroom and coffee breaks, so into the rented … Continue reading

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Just came back last night!

Just came back from Australia! I haven’t always had access to the internet during the vacation, which is why I’ve been such a terrible blogger lately! For the first three days, we stayed in a service apartment in Gold Coast, … Continue reading

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Arriving in Australia!

After a grueling night on an airplane, we finally arrived in Australia around 7AM this morning, but however draining an airplane trip may be, arriving at the destination is always worth it! The landscape here is stunning and we live … Continue reading

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Just a little bit of packing

It feels like a lifetime since my last post! Sorry about the lack of updates, I must say not many things have been happening recently. Mostly we are beginning to pack for the trip to Australia, and ironically enough I’m … Continue reading

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