The delayed Sydney entry!

If only the day would have more hours! I have had exceedingly large amounts of homework lately and have often had to work until the clock has struck midnight and the time has come for me to lay myself to rest for the night, which is why I haven’t been blogging much lately. Well, I wanted to finish my entry on Australia, despite it being more than a few days late. (I am very sorry, truly!)

After having spent a night at a small hotel in the middle of the road between Gold Coast and Sydney, we drove another four hours and finally arrived in Sydney! This was my second visit to this beautiful city, in which we spent three nights re-discovering.

We had originally planned to conquer the Sydney Harbor Bridge, which I did on my last visit with my dad, but it was not to be, as the weather proved slightly chilly and we were all rather weary after the long road trip. We did walk through the streets  though, weaving in and out of shops, filling our hands with shopping bags as we went. I noticed that many of the shops in Sydney were the same as the ones in Singapore, though of larger scale and quantity. We left on the day after Australia day, and sadly I did miss a sideshow with my favorite band by just a few hours which I feel rather regretful over. I must truly say that going on concerts may be somewhat addictive!

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