Back to school

Man, was it ever a challenge to drag myself out of bed this morning!  After a good three weeks of holiday, School recommences and so does my having to wake up excruciatingly early. Having been going to sleep late at night recently, I must say my sleep cycle was not happy with being disturbed, so thus I ended up laying in my bed for at least a good long hour before getting some shut-eye. Oh well, I don’t even have two full weeks of school before we’re back to the holidays, Chinese New Year this time! Did I mentioned we’re going to Australia? I’m so excited! We’re going to Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney for the week, I can’t wait! That’s something I do love about being an expat, and living in Singapore. The travel options are endless.

A photo I took in Sydney a few years back, with a smaller digital camera 🙂

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