Our Trip To The Zoo!

Yesterday we went to Singapore Zoo! We’ve been there once before after just arriving in Singapore, but you really have to go here more than once to be able to appreciate ALL the shows you can watch, all the animals you can see! We watched the Elephants show and it was amazing, we even saw an Elephant pain, and it was not a bad painting at that, I must say the elephant was more skillful with a brush than I myself am!There was also an array of animals you could feed and take photos with, and among these were the parrot above, the Elephant below, a Milk snake (Which I took a photo with, as I personally am very fond of snakes) and my moms favorite, Orangutangs! We also took the opportunity to go on the elephant ride, which everyone should try if they ever have the chance. Magnificent creatures, Elephants.

I’d advise anyone interested in going to the zoo, in bringing some sun screen! While luckily, the rain season seems to have ceased, the heat was intense and I regretted not bringing a hat or my sunglasses, or even some sunscreen! Despite the heat, it was truly a lovely day!

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5 Responses to Our Trip To The Zoo!

  1. ExpatJulia says:

    I like the parrot photo! He’s lovel isn’t he?! I haven’t been to Amsterdam Zoo yet – your post has reminded me that I actually enjoy the occasional visit. Thanks for the prompt!

  2. That snake sure does look funny! πŸ˜€

  3. All of these shots are great.


  4. You’re sure good at taking pics!

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