Botanical Gardens!

One of the main reasons we’d planned to go to the botanical gardens was because my Grandma loves flowers and plants, and we thought it’d be the perfect place to take her. So we set off late morning, excited to see what the day would hold. Last time we’d been in the gardens was maybe just a month after we’d moved to Singapore, in August sometime. I must say it was excruciatingly hot and humid, which made the experience somewhat less enjoyable than it would have been otherwise, though we were still able to enjoy a delicious picnic basket and each others company. What surprised me so much about our trip this year was that the sun actually decided to show itself, after more than a month of thick, gray rainclouds tainting the skies. As last year I’d focused more on taking flower shots, I wanted to attempt shooting water at a slower shutter speed, and above is one of my attempts.

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4 Responses to Botanical Gardens!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Some day I hope to take my mother on a beautiful vacation.

    Please continue to love mom, and grandma, becasue before its over they too canfade away like the beautiful flowers.

  2. gooner1980 says:

    Lovely pictures!! Keep up the good work!!

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