Lunch at Sentosa!

While we postponed our Botanical Gardens visit to tomorrow, we all went out to lunch on Sentosa instead. Sentosa, being mostly a tourist area, is an absolutely gorgeous place to be. There’s Universal Studios, Beaches, Aquariums, the whole spectrum! We haven’t spent a lot of time there, away from the occasional meal and Universal studios.

When we moved here we jumped right into decorating the house and getting settled, there was not much time for exploration at that point, but it being the holidays, we’re going to revisit some of these tourist attractions, like the Singapore Zoo! Singapore Zoo is almost too large to be able to see everything you might want to see within one day, so thus we are going a second time. I hope to get a lot of shots of animals! The one above was taken about a year ago at Singapore Zoo near the Elephant rides (Yes, elephant rides!)

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  1. I would like to Wish you Happy Christmas and wonderful years ahead šŸ™‚

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