Merry Christmas…Eve!

Being from Finland, we essentially celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve – how it came to be that way I’m not sure. Almost as soon as we got up, we began prepping for Christmas Lunch – Ribs, Cole Slaw, Ham, Meatballs and a few different kinds of Salads. Then we all sat at the table and ate together, listening to Christmas music. Usually we would eat a bit later in the day, just one big meal, but this year we had something scheduled so we ate earlier instead.

Something else we also do on Christmas is baking- Lots of it! We had three different types of cake – Chocolate, Ambrosia and ‘Spetskaka’, a long with some additional pastries and candies! There was ice cream and strawberries on the table too, and we had some special Christmas crackers with gifts in them, usually things like cards, Keyrings, Combs, Frames, Miniature cards.

Of course, the loud sound of them effectively manage to scare our dog away into hiding under the bed, where we found her perhaps an hour later. She was surprisingly reticent for the rest of the day, but we treated her with some special Christmas salmon and a new toy, both of which she sank her teeth into with glee.

A few hours later into the day, when the sun had set and my youngest sister couldn’t hold her horses anymore, we began opening the presents (as is done in Finland). The photo of the tree posted yesterday was from last year- This year we took a more modern approach, but I was promised a pine tree next year, the scent of pine i on Christmas is irreplaceable. In the previous years there’s been a ‘Santa’ to arrive and methodically hand out the gifts, but this year they were directly under the tree and all the more tempting! Everyone in the family got each other a gift, so we had a lot this year! It was an amazing day.

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3 Responses to Merry Christmas…Eve!

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  2. Alma says:

    I really love your blog. Good luck

  3. chrstnc says:

    There’s nothing better than amazing meals and firecrackers on Christmas Eve.

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