The Giant bottle of Coca Cola

So today I finished off the last of my Christmas shopping. Phew! I’m really relieved, especially considering it’s so close to Christmas! I walked down Orchard Road (Which is in Central Singapore, the main shopping district) searching for gifts, but luckily I had a pretty specific Idea of what to get, so It didn’t take me that long to find and purchase the presents, now the problem is getting them wrapped! I took the metro station from the far end of Orchard to Ion, which is the biggest mall, which was more crowded than usual, it might be because most people have probably gotten a bit of a holiday for Christmas by now! Well, anyways, the title of the post. So we’ve been collecting these little stamp-type things off the boxes of canned Coca Cola we purchase, and eventually, when you’ve collected enough, you get these gigantic glass coca cola bottles! We buy A LOT of Coca Cola, so we can redeem four of these large glass bottles! The one in the picture is mine, I’m a huge diet coke junkie so it seemed fitting for me! It came with a coaster and a calender too!

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2 Responses to The Giant bottle of Coca Cola

  1. Giuseppina says:

    what an awesome bottle!!!

  2. Gwen says:

    Hi Elvira, do you sell this giant glass cola bottle ?

    I broke my hubby’s similar bottle and he’s pretty upset about it. Thought of replacing one for him.

    Pls contact me @ if you are keen to sell.

    Tks !

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