Happy Birthday, Mom!

So today is my Mom’s birthday and the first day of holidays! I got up early to attempt making cupcakes, it was rather chaotic. Couldn’t tell what ingredient was what, the flour was too thin and we’d run out of icing, so we had to make some on our own. I even almost burned them! But it all worked out in the end!I was going to buy my mom a blowtorch that she could use for baking, but the store didn’t have them, the store clerk didn’t even understand what I was asking for. The language barrier is a hassle sometimes, especially in stores and restaurants, where you might receive the wrong item. Confusing! In such a culturally diverse place you’re bound to have some miscommunications, considering the amount of languages existing in the world, but oh well! At least I managed to bake the cupcakes for her Birthday!

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