Exams, Dogs and Grandmas!

So my Grandma finally came to Singapore to visit! We were all a bit worried about how she would react to our dog(Meimei), and if she would be allergic to her or get annoyed at the frequent barking. Well, they seemed to get along pretty well! Meimei was excited (as always) to meet someone new, and Grandma seemed to think she was adorable, no coughing or sneezing or anything.

(Something my mom made as a gift, I just had to photograph this!)

I also had my first exam today, I’m really worried about the results because of course, I didn’t have enough time to complete the exam. I love how we are able to come to school later and leave earlier though! It means I don’t have to stay up extra late studying and If I’m lucky I’ll even have some downtime. One down, three to go. I’m probably most worried about Science, I just can’t grasp biology no matter how hard I try!

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5 Responses to Exams, Dogs and Grandmas!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think the blog in great I look at it everyday. Good luck!

  2. Alma says:

    At the top it should be my name. And that reply is my. Good luck

  3. Alma says:

    O, the red square is me

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