Hit the books today!

Exam’s start tomorrow! I studied most of the day after school, snacking on strawberries and sipping diet coke.  I’m somewhat nervous, but I’m relieved it’ll be over with soon.

Sometimes I feel like being an expat puts extra pressure on you as a student, as it’s possibly more difficult or you end up switching systems. The jump to IB was somewhat confusing, going from the regular percentage to rubrics, but I think I’ve got the hang of it now, it is an improvement from the system they used in Shanghai, which we were never even told the name of. From what I have heard though, IB is pretty challenging and that a large percentage of our final grades are based on tests and exams, which I find a lot more difficult than assignments. Ugh!

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One Response to Hit the books today!

  1. Came across your blog on the front page of WordPress toady and just wanted to pass along that IB students turn out okay! Sure it’s stressful and your teachers expect more from you, but if you plan to go on to university, that will be a complete breeze. I went through the IB program in the United States and now as an adult have no troubles when my boss starts putting on the pressure with deadlines or for me to multitask. Best of luck and happy travels!

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