‘Lilla Jul’ – Keeping traditions alive

Last Saturday was ‘Lilla Jul’, a Finnish tradition which is similar to Christmas though on a smaller scale. We decorated some gingerbread cookies (Store bought, as you can’t purchase any dough in Singapore) with silver balls and sugar icing.

True to the name ‘Lilla Jul’, we then decorated a little Christmas tree with decorations in Silver and white (that’s the color scheme we’re going for this Christmas), this time in a Tree made out of wire, a nod to the minimalistic interior we have within our house. Another thing that happens on this day-which occurs the weekend before the start of December, I might add- is that a little ‘Elf’ leaves a basket of a few, smaller Christmas gifts outside your doorstep. Lilla Jul is a Finnish tradition, and a way we keep our own culture alive despite having lived abroad so long.

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