Expat Pets

Because we travel pretty frequently, and have a pet, things get a little difficult sometimes. When we leave for Finland in the summer for two months, where do we put the dog? Personally I noticed with the kennels here is that the pets have restricted movement and sit in their cages for the majority of the day with little social contact with other dogs or human beings. We happen to have adopted one very social toy poodle. She absolutely loathes complete solitude and gets rather upset when we leave her at the house while running errands or shopping, and also we’ve trained her to relieve herself outside in the grass rather than inside on newspaper, which is what they use at the kennels. Having her use newspaper for the two months we’re in Finland might pretty much undo most of our training efforts.Because of this, we found a place for her to stay with a colleague of my dads over the summer.Most preferable would be taking her with us to Finland on the summer holiday, but if we did, she’d be forced to stay in quarantine for three weeks, and then upon returning to Singapore she would have to stay in quarantine again. It kills to leave her, she’s like the baby of the family.

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My Vespa

This, dear readers, is probably one of my most prized possessions.

In Finland at the age of 15, you’re able to apply for a drivers license for a Moped or a Small two seat car, both which go max 45Km/h in speed. Last summer I  took 6 hours of traffic lessons and three hours of driving lessons, before having to do a test on signs and traffic situations as well as a driving test. I got my license and I was euphoric about it, but I only really got to drive out on the road once before summer ended and we had to go back to Singapore. I wish I could drive here too, but sadly, it’s not legal until you’re 18. It seems traffic is a little bit more hazardous here in Singapore, so I guess they have their reasons. Still miss it though.

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The delayed Sydney entry!

If only the day would have more hours! I have had exceedingly large amounts of homework lately and have often had to work until the clock has struck midnight and the time has come for me to lay myself to rest for the night, which is why I haven’t been blogging much lately. Well, I wanted to finish my entry on Australia, despite it being more than a few days late. (I am very sorry, truly!)

After having spent a night at a small hotel in the middle of the road between Gold Coast and Sydney, we drove another four hours and finally arrived in Sydney! This was my second visit to this beautiful city, in which we spent three nights re-discovering.

We had originally planned to conquer the Sydney Harbor Bridge, which I did on my last visit with my dad, but it was not to be, as the weather proved slightly chilly and we were all rather weary after the long road trip. We did walk through the streets  though, weaving in and out of shops, filling our hands with shopping bags as we went. I noticed that many of the shops in Sydney were the same as the ones in Singapore, though of larger scale and quantity. We left on the day after Australia day, and sadly I did miss a sideshow with my favorite band by just a few hours which I feel rather regretful over. I must truly say that going on concerts may be somewhat addictive!

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Road Trip!

Upon awakening on our fourth day in Australia, we quickly ate breakfast and then piled into the car. We were to cover 5 and a half hours – including meals and inevitable bathroom and coffee breaks, so into the rented car we went! Personally, I adore road trips and find  them relaxing, it gives me an opportunity to tune out the world and listen to music, truly listen. It’s a shame that Singapore isn’t large enough to drive for that kind of distance. Singapore is ridden with traffic lights and traffic jams at every turn. While I love the urban setting, I’m always open to a road trip or two!

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Just came back last night!

Just came back from Australia! I haven’t always had access to the internet during the vacation, which is why I’ve been such a terrible blogger lately!

For the first three days, we stayed in a service apartment in Gold Coast, right by the beach. I tried to go swimming once, and I say tried because of the wind. While the water was warm enough to go for a swim, the air was absolutely freezing! On our final day at Gold Coast, my dad and I went to the Big Day Out, which is an annual music festival held throughout Australia! We were going because my favorite band were playing and it’s been a dream of mine to able to catch them live, and I did! I even got right up close!

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Arriving in Australia!

After a grueling night on an airplane, we finally arrived in Australia around 7AM this morning, but however draining an airplane trip may be, arriving at the destination is always worth it! The landscape here is stunning and we live in a hotel right next to the beach. The horizon is endless and beautiful, and the weather was hot, but with a refreshing gust of wind which prevented one from suffering the ill effects of humidity that you sometimes experience in Singapore. Today we set the small service apartment up, went to buy some groceries and got settled. We are only staying here three nights though, then we’re moving on to Sydney.

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Just a little bit of packing

It feels like a lifetime since my last post! Sorry about the lack of updates, I must say not many things have been happening recently. Mostly we are beginning to pack for the trip to Australia, and ironically enough I’m receiving a ton of assignments that are going to have to be worked on right on my holiday, which is a shame.

Just a photo from my last vacation in Sweden last summer!

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